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Shipping: We use the Postal system. All products are photographed and triple checked prior to shipping. We do this so there is absolutely no confusion at either end. We also do this because some products as in kits have multi-component products so every packer must photograph and/or video products going into each package. Most packages are tracked and require signature.

Return Policy: For non performance products, we accept return with a 15% restocking charge. Once received in new condition and within 15 days of purchase we will provide a refund. Unfortunately with performance products we do not accept returns due to the specialized nature of the products. So it is important that you are certain about your order before completion of order.

Shipping Address: Please enter your complete and exact address for shipping. If any details are required put this info into the message section. HardRider Motorcycle is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete addresses.

Installation: Our installation rate is $85 per hour and requires a non refundable deposit booked by appointment only. Bring your products, buy them from us, we only care that all products are ready to install at appointment time to save you money. Non refundable deposit is $50 but do not pay that until you have a scheduled appointment.

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