HardRider Legal Notice

Legal Notice: 

Performance and racing kits are suitable only for organized competitive racing at controlled events where race organizers provide all appropriate racing safety measures including fire suppression and first aid services. Kits that provide additional power are only suitable for expert riders. 
Performance products increases the speed, horse power and torque of the recreational vehicle and can result in injury or death to the rider, any passengers or bystanders. HardRider Motorcycle is without any liability or responsibility on the part of purchaser or user of our products and the purchaser purchases with the full understanding that the products are performance products to increase horsepower to the vehicle it is applied to. Further the purchaser understands that it is highly recommended that a professional install and setup the purchased products per instruction and professional understanding of racing equipment. HardRider Motorcycle takes no responsibility for personal, product damage, engine damage or anything related to our performance products whatsoever.

HardRider Motorcycle Inc.

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