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HardRider Motorcycle International (HMI) incorporated in 2000, has over 187,000 readers worldwide and consists of HardRider Motorcycle Magazine, HardRider Motorcycle eStore and HardRider Motorcycle website. HardRider Motorcycle Magazine, the world’s most popular performance and new technology online digital magazine is completely free with no signups required.

Making a Decision About Nitrous

Making a decision to add more horsepower to your bike requires a fairly substantial understanding of many circumstances. Frequently we get Messenger texts inquiring to the costs, what comes with it and how it works. The first two are easy to answer, but the "how it works" is a larger discussion. Many feel that nitrous might blow up their engines but all this can be resolved in a call. We will address every concern to assure you that you won't blow your engine up if you follow the rules and we will satisfy you on our knowledge of these products. From simple things like syphons and filling bottle secrets to more complex things like AFR (air fuel ratio) and how to get there depending on the power you want. Setting up Your Power Commander for more fuel, how much more fuel you can get berfore needing new injectors, pumps or solenoids (this is a larger horsepower discussion. Even for smaller horsepower  how to setup...everything you want to know or intermediate hp using controller, gauges, bungs (sensors), wet or dry kits and heaters for fine tuning. HardRider provides a 30-60 min Q&A for $25 which will address every single detail of the process. Click Paypal button further up this page and enter $25 for Q&A. This Q&A if for Nitrous discussions because unlike Supercharger and Turbo Kits that fit select motorcycles and more specialized, Nitrous fits ALL motorcycles.

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