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Pocket Knife

HardRider Pocket Knife with Retro Leather Case.

Feedback is amazing from purchasers:
A) Absolutely amazing and beautiful. The quality is superb and the detail is just gorgeous.
B) Another BEAUTIFUL KNIFE holy crap it’s so pretty I showed it to all my friends and they fell in love I can’t wait to order again.
C) This knife is amazing! High quality! Heavy and beautiful! If you have a collector or just someone who appreciates a great blade.
Unique Knife $159


brightest pocket flashlight

This is the worlds brightest flashlight for all of your needs for a flashlight. Tactical flashlight has a built-in advanced XHP90.8 LED chip, Equipped with high-power 5000mAh battery with a maximum output power of 250000 lumens, Maximum beam distance exceeds 4921 ft, working hours can last up to 16 hours. High-quality, super-durable LED bulbs can last over 100,000 hours. LED flashlight can meet your various lighting needs. 

Flashlight consists of the main light & sidelight. 3 main lighting modes: High-Low-Strobe. 4 side light modes: High-Low-Red High-Red Strobe. Press and hold for 2 seconds in any mode to turn off the flashlight. Also, you can choose the focusing range from the spotlight to the floodlight by stretching the head of the flashlight. Floodlights are used for large-area lighting, and spotlights are used for long-distance lighting.

Flashlight rechargeable comes with a Type-C cable to recharge through your power adapter, computer, powerbank, car charger, Only takes 4-6 hours to fully charge the flashlight. Rechargeable Flashlight is also equipped with a USB output function, flashlight can also be used as a power bank to charge your smart devices, there is no need to worry about power outages no matter indoors or outdoors.In addition, the flashlight also has overcharge protection.

Unique Flashlight $79


Brass Bottle opener

Great Gift Idea 

Who Doesn't Need a Bottle Opener

Great reviews on this unique brass/alloy bottle opener. Very solid fee weighs close to 1/4lb. Comes with attractive box (be great for a gift for others), also includes greeting cards and stickers. Get it engraved and with this packaging, its a winner.

HardRider Motorcycle Merch, hardrider.net, 1-800-971-5030. $29 plus shipping. Fast Delivery.

Bottle Opener HardRider
Brass Bottle Opener - HardRider Motorcycle

Decal Stickers

Stickers come as transparent decals in white & gray and black & gray. Stickers standard size approx. 3 inches by 4.5 inches., however you can have a sticker any  size you require up to 9" in all white, black or gray.  $5. Be a Hard Rider. Two color stickers per your color request are $9. Also stickers can be for signage on bikes, helmets or Tshirts.

One Color

Two Color

HardRider Motorcycle Sticker One Color
HardRider Motorcycle Logo Color Sticker

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