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Nitrous, Turbo, Superchargers

Things you should know before purchasing.  
Nitrous is the cheapest way to get substantial power, followed by Turbo and lastly Supercharger. Compare Nitrous kits from $390, Turbo kits from $2699 and Supercharger kits from $4500.
Second: Nitrous kits simply bolt right on with the minimum of effort and fits any vehicle, any engine carb or fuel injected. Turbo and Superchargers usually require the engine to come out so a cometic shim spacer gasket can be added to the head to lower compression (not all bikes).
Third: Nitrous is pure additional power used at high rpm's. Turbo is the same, pure power at high rpm's. However, superchargers require the engine to power the supercharger, so even if the supercharger produces a lot of power, about a quarter to one third is used in just powering the supercharger.
Summary: Nitrous can be run very simply just by pressing the button to spray nitrous into your airbox. The price is right and the only real downside is having to fill the bottles, but this really only takes a few minutes.
are by far the best option for quarter mile or street fighter racing. Turbos use the exhaust to power the twin turbine which rotates the induction part that pulls ambient air into the throttle bodies (two turbines that are directly linked to one another).  Its a very clean system that does not use any engine power to force air into the engine. So it is very efficient and efficiency is important. Many drag racers use a combination of turbo and nitrous. The benefit of ProBoost Turbo kits is they use the stock rad and oil cooler, providing excellent performance, but making road and highway riding better for the motorcycle.
provide power through the whole power band but leeches power from the engine, so less power overall. In drag racing, you don't need low end power since your never low in the rpm band. Supercharger builders mostly talk about top end performance because in drag racing times, their quarter mile times are not that great. As an example, TTS Performance Superchargers running Suzuki Hayabusa's running a claimed 300-400hp (approximate), best quarter mile times are 9.4 to 9.6 (per their videos). Our stock tuned busas run those times, while nitrous runs mid to high 8's and turbos from high 5's to low to mid 8's.
For riders who are uncomfortable having their motor pulled or paying more for a supercharger, we recommend:  Purchase a used Suzuki Bandit and  Turbo kit... both combined will most likely be less than a supercharger kit. The Bandit is bolt on and the engine does NOT have to come out. Big saving in time and money.

Nitrous Fits Anything with an Engine

From $390. We sell the widest range of NitroBoost products to the widest range of vehicles in Dry or Wet nitrous kit systems. All are top quality products with braided or custom copper lines, premium solenoids, couplings, bottles, brackets, controllers, displays, gauges, purge systems, adapters, sensors, bungs, openers. Sales to over 8 countries. HardRider NitroBoost kits and components fit any motorcycle or ATV. The big benefit of nitrous is the cost and easy install. Kits are bolt-on unlike turbo/superchargers and do not become redundant. If you need a little more power just change to a bigger jet. If you need a lot more power, you will require more hardware and tuning. Nitrous fits any motorcycle, or anything with an engine. Purchase from HardRider Motorcycle and save on duties, brokerage fees and taxes. Go to Nitrous Page for more info.


Turbo Kits for Motorcycles
ProBoost - 25 Years Building Turbos

From $2699. Our ProBoost Turbo kits are one of the oldest and best known performance products to produce lots of additional power for your motorcycle.
The most ideal product for drag and street racing. Horsepower boosts range up to 450HP, depending on what you are looking for and how far you want to go. 
Larger horsepower demands will require some engine work, but Stage 1 will bolt on to a stock motor. Some engines may require shims to lower compression. ProBoost has been building turbo kits for over 25 years. Availability: Suzuki Hayabusa Gen1, Gen2, B-King, Bandit 96-05, GSXR 1100 88-92, GSX 1400, GSX 1150. 
Canadian/USA distributor for
ProBoost Turbo.
Go to Turbo page for more info.
ProBoost at the Track



Supercharger Kits for Motorcycles

ATTENTION:  Garrett is in the finishing stages of developing a real electric fit all Supercharger. See our Supercharger page.

From $5000. A supercharger simply works to increase volumetric efficiency. It forces air into the cylinders instead of relying on a vacuum. This will allow you to burn more fuel and create more power.

Superchargers are unique and good for an overall improved performance ride. However, they do not compare to turbo and nitrous in quarter mile racing or drag environments. See above note on comparisons, which is what most riders are looking for.
Don't get us wrong, if you want a Supercharger we can provide one, but we have to report some riders disappointment shelling out more for the unit than a turbo, only to find that turbo bikes are considerably faster and a lot less money. 
For riders who are uncomfortable having their motor pulled and paying more for a supercharger, we recommend:  Purchase a used Suzuki Bandit and  a turbo kit... both combined will likely be less than a supercharger kit. Additionally the Bandit is bolt on and the engine does NOT have to come out. Big saving in installation as well.
Go to Supercharger Page

HardRider's "Blue Rocket"

ProBoost Turbo Slide Show Images

ProBoost Turbo Images

ProBoost Turbo V8 Rocket, Jarmo Kelahaara
King of the Road experience
- "built for the fun of it".
You want Big and Powerful, this is it!
The engine is a 3,982cc BMW V8 Twin Turbo.
Custom order $35k, to your liking.

The suspension is doubled up everywhere, twin Hayabusa forks up front and twin Ohlins shocks on each side in the rear. Twin Proboost TD05 turbochargers. Anyone brave enough?

Also a few more images of ProBoost turbo kits here and there over the years, Including ProBoost Off Road Fude.

Images owned by ProBoost. HardRider Motorcycle is the
Canadian/USA distributor for ProBoost Turbo.


From $8,000 Complete | Ultimate Street Fighter | Built to Your Specs/Budget


Swingarms Fat Tire Kits

The Sky is the Limit. HardRider provides a wide variety of swingarms and fat tire kits. Have a custom request? Provide a detailed description of what you are looking for and what model bike and we will get back to you. If you are looking for basics or top-end wheels and swingarms, we can provide some great options. Sport bikes, Harley's, swingarms, wheels, kits. Go to Our Parts Page for more info.

Safety for Your Engine
Tuned to the 10s, running in the 8's. Adding power is not difficult and there are many options. On low horsepower gains there is little to do, but larger hp will require modifications so you do not lean out your engine and cause damage. Again not difficult, but the tell tale check on this is proper AFR (air fuel ratio).  Check out our Nitrous page for more info on AFR.

Adapters Brackets & Accessories
There are so many products that could never be listed on one website. Let us know what you are looking for with a brief description and we will get back to you asap. 


Status Pocket Knife

Unique Retro Folding Pocket Knife with case. Feedback is amazing from purchasers. Absolutely amazing and beautiful. The quality is superb and the detail is just gorgeous. 

Feedback is amazing from purchasers:

A) Absolutely amazing and beautiful. The quality is superb and the detail is just gorgeous.

B) Another BEAUTIFUL KNIFE holy crap it’s so pretty I showed it to all my friends and they fell in love I can’t wait to order again.

C) This knife is amazing! High quality! Heavy and beautiful! If you have a collector or just someone who appreciates a great blade.

Go to our Merch page for more info.

Solid Brass Buckles n Belts

100% solid brass buckles are made by skilled masters so you can be sure to receive a high-quality product. Artistic and very solid. Buckles are cast from brass. After casting, each buckle is processed manually. After processing, the buckle is covered with patina and polished one more time. The backside of buckle is an art render as well, click video to left. See our Belts & Buckles Store page to see more buckles and prices.  Go to Buckles Belts Page for more info.

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