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prep for next season 

spring 2021

The Number One strategy is to prep your bike(s) for the new season for your own safety and to make your ride last through the years like this beauty on the left. OK no gloves no helmet but these were different times...but dam this just looks so wish I was there.
If you can't do all the work needed yourself, find a good repair shop, but do your homework and ask around and wait till you find a shop you can trust. There are some great shops out there, but there are others that are not so much and waiting for your money. Ask around. Even then, get a quote BEFORE the work begins and if parts are needed know what they are going to charge for those parts beforehand. Don't be blindsided...cause it will cost you.


Cooling for really hot weather

stay cool

OK so here is a brilliant idea where you can stay cool and safe at the same time. Some people will use just a protective shell back protector but then your arms are exposed....and this is not good.

Better to stay with your summer breathable mesh or textile jacket and  wear a cooling vest. There are many types out there ranging in the $200-300 range but why spring for the when you can go with this vest for $50.

And TechNiche was one of the original developers of this technology.


Best Quick Shifter

Fast & Easy

So having tested many quick shifters with some doing fair to good, we are happy to report that the Dynojet Quick Shifter is dollar for dollar the best shifter that money can buy in our view after much testing.

Having tested other shifters we had almost given up due to the enormous stress that missing a shift from first to second put on our test bike...but that all changed with Dynojet's Quickshifter.

The technology that this shifter uses is the best in the business and it shows with smooth as butter shifting yes even first to second is a dream and this product is very consistent, so much so that we have never had a fail...ever.
We have a number of installers in various cities if you don't want to attempt the install yourself, email us: info@hardridermotorcycle.com (More Info in Reviews) .


Totally Unbeatable

Tire Safety

Having had just about every brand of tire there is, I can say for all you sport touring and even cruisers, that the Michelin Road Pilot 5 is likely the best dollar for dollar tire you can buy. 

Well known for safety, cornering and wet weather performance the Road Pilot Series has easily proven that it is a major leader in motorcycle tire design.

 Some riders I have talked to have responded with its too expensive. Here is how I answer that. I have found over the years that Continental Conti tires also really good tires, from the UK with German engineering. Typically the Conti is have the price. But...the caveat is that the Conti only lasts half as long. The tradeoff...


Don't waste Money

Don't Buy This

Ask anyone that shoots video and they will tell you that they started with inferior cheap video cameras, mics etc. only to find that the video was inferior. So money down the drain.

Best way to go is buy a GoPro8 camera, a little more, a lot better, the best stabilization available, great wide angle shooting and crystal clear sharp images.

But unfortunately the MediaMod  adapter which gives the ability to plug a microphone into the GoPro...just does not work properly! 

So it does not work with the mic consistently, sometimes it does sometimes it doesn't. Check the forums, people have tested and tried many different ways to get it to work and when you want it to work for that special occasion, it doesn't. Even we tried 50 different ways to get it to be consistent and we could not get there. We tried Quick Capture, Standard and every setting and there is no rhyme or reason...it does not work properly. And GoPro is ignoring us and the entire forum list that is having problems. On top of that if you are not using the mic, the built in front and rear MediaMod mics are not better than what is on the GoPro.



Don't waste Money

Buy These

HardRider Banderoos. Mineral-Infused, Moisture-Wicking Fabric That Gives You More Energy, Strength & Endurance. No Wasted Energy, Only More Gains. Made out of 100% drywick microfiber a highly breathable and moisture wicking material that stretches well when pulled so it doesn't feel too tight on your head. Unlike cotton products that get wet and sticky, our product stays dry and cool. Customers also use for running, yoga, sports, outdoor, skiing, fishing, riding, motor, hiking or as a mask during these Covid times. A Quality Breathable Product. Order one or many for yourself or gifts for friends. One size fits all. Size: 19" x 9.5"(L x W).

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