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Our Parts & Merch section is specialized and we are growing this to help save our readers money on unique items, that are usually costly and or or expensive to purchase with shipping, duties, taxes and import fees. We will be working harder to grow these sections. Plus specialty bikes of ours or other bikes. Email us with a pic to post your bike here.



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Final Design

HardRider Performance

at the track

TUNED to the 10s but running in the 8's. After many trials our best time for the Gen1 (our hobby drag bike) running the largest jet size was 8.98. Best time on Gen2 (every day street) was 9.88. We are not professional racers, this is a hobby for us. Our bikes are tuned and streetable, heavy, without a racing clutch, race gas, but as a hobby, we are very happy with these times. If we had the time, we would love to dedicate a busa with all the mods.




Nitrous | Supercharger | Turbo
What Should I Go With?

The Short of it. First of all, with any of these products, buy only premium products, make sure the installation is right and get a tune. This way your engine is going to be happy. All of the above have low, moderate and big power capabilities, just understand that the more power you demand, the more mods have to be done to your ride. A small increase like 20-40hp very little has to be done. Beyond this you have AFR (air fuel ratio concerns) which will require an ECU flash or power commander setup and dyno. For even more power (some drag bikes have over 500hp), you will need to beef up fuel pump, injectors and engine mods. At HardRider Motorcycle, we only sell premium products, ensure you have premium accessories and a proper Flash, Power Commander Setup and Tune.

Nitrous: Nitrous will fit any engine, any motorcycle so this makes it easy and unique. Additionally, there is no redundancy, meaning buy the basic kit which will deliver 20hp or add a larger jet for 200hp. The main system does not change, just add a bigger jet and more to your original purchase for more horsepower. Unlike many think, nitrous if installed correctly will not harm your engine at all. The main thing do not give the engine nitrous at low rpms and make sure your AFR (air fuel ratio) is tuned. With nitrous you can go simple push a button or controller so your engine gets the exact amount of nitrous in the gears you want at the rpms you want and much more.

Another great product, highly specialized, built for a more limited number of motorcycles, although slightly more than the turbo has the unique benefit of feeling more like a highly charged asperated motorcycle. Meaning the power band is the full range of the revs unlike the turbo and nitrous that kick in only at the higher rev range. Like the turbo, the supercharger requires Rotrex, Plenum, Intercooler.

Turbo: Great product and a lot of turbo kits are sold, but they are highly specialized, meaning they are mostly built for a very few mainstream motorcycles. These typically come in Stage 1,2 and 3 kits to indicate the performance package you require. Turbo kits tend to be the more expensive of the three because of the custom parts require Rotrex, Plenum, Intercooler and Headers to start with. All custom.