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HardRider NitroBoost

Nitrous Kits for Any Bike, ATV, Car | Braided or Copper Lines

Number One in Nitrous Sales in 8 Countries.

We sell the widest range of NitroBoost products to the widest range of vehicles in Dry or Wet nitrous kit systems. All are top quality products with braided or custom copper lines, premium solenoids, couplings, bottles, brackets, controllers, displays, gauges, purge systems, adapters, sensors, bungs, openers. 2024 we will be attending more shows than ever. Let us know what you want click here.

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HardRider Nitro-Boost

Twin 20oz Bottle Kit with Premium Braided or Copper Lines

HardRider Nitro-Boost kits and components. The big benefit of nitrous is the cost and easy install. Kits are bolt-on unlike turbo and superchargers where the motor has to come out. Nitrous kits do not become redundant. If you need a little more power just change to a bigger jet. If you need a lot more power, you will require more hardware and full dyno tuning.
Compare: the Nitrous Kit starting price at $490 with a self install, compared to a Supercharger or Turbo Kit average price $6000 plus incidentals Intercooler, Wastegate $2000 plus install $3000, tune $500 with Power Commander (double without Power Commander). Go to Nitrous page.


Proboost Turbo Kits

From $3290. Turbo kits are one of the oldest and best known performance products to produce lots of additional power for your motorcycle. The most ideal product for drag and street racing. Horsepower boosts range up to 450HP, depending on what you are looking for and how far you want to go. Larger horsepower demands will require some engine work, but Stage 1 will bolt on to a stock motor. Some engines may require shims to lower compression.
Availability: Suzuki Hayabusa Gen1, Gen2, B-King, Bandit 96-05, GSXR 1100 88-92, GSX 1400, GSX 1150. Go to Turbo page.


TTS Supercharger Kits

From $5900. The Best Thing About a SuperCharger is the way the power is delivered. Its like a regular bike but on fire through the entire rev range. Acceleration is savage, with a relentless pull from bottom end to red line. Horsepower boosts range up to 450HP depending on how far you want to go. Larger horsepower demands will require some engine work, but Stage 1 will bolt on to a stock motor. Some engines may require shims to lower compression. Motorcycles: Harley, Triumph, Suzuki, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha plus cars. See models in Store page. Cars: Honda Civic-R, Honda Integra-R. Go to Supercharger page

HardRider Parts

Swingarms Fat Tire Kits

The Sky is the Limit. HardRider provides a wide variety of swingarms and fat tire kits. Have a custom request? Provide a detailed description of what you are looking for and what model bike and we will get back to you. If you are looking for basics or top-end wheels and swingarms, we can provide some great options. Sport bikes, Harley's, swingarms, wheels, kits.

HardRider Performance

at the track

TUNED to the 10s, running in the 8's. Adding power is not difficult and there are many options. On low horsepower gains there is little to do, but larger hp will require modifications so you do not lean out your engine and cause damage. Again not difficult, but the tell tale check on this is proper AFR (air fuel ratio). 

Hardrider Merch

Solid Brass Buckles n Belts

100% solid brass buckles are made by skilled masters so you can be sure to receive a high-quality product. Artistic and very solid. Buckles are cast from brass. After casting, each buckle is processed manually. After processing, the buckle is covered with patina and polished one more time. The backside of buckle is an art render as well, click video to left. See our Belts & Buckles Store page to see more buckles and prices.  Go to Buckles Belts Page.

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