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Complete Nitrous Kit for EFI Motorcycles $450

Wet & Dry Nitrous Kits for All Motorcycles
HardRider Motorcycle not only sells Nitrous kits, we install them too. Instructions make installation easy. The nice thing with Nitrous is you can install and add a 15hp jet or a 150hp jet so your system will never be redundant, its just that the higher you go in horsepower the more accessories and changes you will have to make to accommodate much higher horsepower. 40-50hp is the standard add for most street motorcycles. Carburetor or EFI (fuel injected), 4cyl, 3cyl, 2cyl, 1cyl for any motorcycle.
More Info: https://hardridermotorcycle.com/nitrous/
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Welcome to HardRider Motorcycle International (HMI) and HardRider Motorcycle Magazine, the world’s most popular performance and new technology online website, digital magazine, and eStore with over 187,000 global readers.

HardRider Motorcycle Magazine is published quarterly and is available free of charge to motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere, easy to read from any device including desktop, smartphone, tablet and ipads. Besides our magazine, readers follow news on our website, social media, eStore and Back Alley Reviews. 

HardRider Motorcycle sells and ships performance products worldwide and provides local area installations. Check us out for Nitrous kits, Turbo, Supercharger and Performance Products.

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performance Upgrades

Small -Large

You don't need to break the bank in order to add a little performance to your ride. In the very least it might be new plugs, chain or a new slip on exhaust or maybe a full exhaust.

However for many that want the next move or the next stay tuned to HardRider Motorcycle because we are going to report on all kinds of upgrades, including Stage 1 turbo, supercharger and nitrous.

We will also touch into Stage 2 and Stage 3 with mechanical and monetary approximations and expected horsepower range. 

So Stay tuned, check our our site and our magazine, news, reviews and performance videos are on the way.



Be a contributor

Get Listed

If you are a rider and interested in whtas going on or being part fo the industry by contributing as a reporter for events, stories you might have or videos you might like to see listed in HardRider Motorcycle, then we want to hear from you.

Please go to our Contributor page and fill out the form. As a contributor your profile will be listed on the Contributor page along with credits wherever we use your information. Contributors get a T-shirt.

Details about how to get information to us is found on our Contact page.



Check Out our Magazine

Hardrider Rocks

While Covid for most businesses has caused a slowdown the likes most of us have never experienced, HardRider Motorcycle also experienced the same issue. However, after over one year of shutdown and mass vaccinations, we feel that businesses will very soon be reopening, people will be out doing what they love, preparing for a new riding season and getting bikes ready for a phenominal summer.

HardRider Motorcycle has also changed direction somewhat, by now moving more to performance issues from small to large. Feedback from our over 179,000 readers have consisitently asked more often than not for more editorial on motorcycle performance.  So we are going to address this.

Our Summer 2021 issue will kick off our "new performance direction".  Our hope is to report on a wide range of performance topics with stories and videos that we report on and our Contributors  report. We really motorcycle enthusiasts will want to assist and be part of HardRider Motorcycle by providing news, stories, events and videos. All will be properly credited along with your profile listed as you want on our Contributor page. This is new so we realize will take some time to rev up, so go to our Contributor page and let us know who you are and if you are interested in being a regular contributor.

We need people from all over North America & UK and anywhere as long as the stories or information is in English. 



Flat Trackers & Motorcross

Yes We Want You

Yep thats right we want to report on whats happening in the flat track and motorcross industry. Yes we are moving to performance, so yes we want to talk bike talk, engine talk, tires and more....of coourse riders and tracks.

But we need to hear from associations, tracks, riders, groups and sponsors etc so we can help you promote and bring tech details to readers to provide the details of who is doing what to what and where. If that makes sense.

Again please, if you are an enthusiast, we want to hear from you, we want you to be a motocross or flat track promoter. 

Go to our Contributor and Contact pages.



And Drag Racing

Oh Yea...

We are waiting for the tracks to open, because no matter how you slice and dice racing, drag racers put everything and even the kitchen sink into their engines and rides to get the numbers to be the leader in technology and riding ability.

Riders everywhere including street and enthusiast love to get the details of what top track stars are doing and using to get the performance needed to be at the top of their game.

And yes, HardRider Motorcycle is going to report on this and even participate in this when things start to open. Oh yea!


Final Design

HardRider Dragbike

Track Ready...

After much testing, tuning controller, beefing up the system and substantially upgrading jet size our Gen1 Dragbike is performing better than expected... TUNED to the 10s but running in the 8's. 



Winter Project 2021-2022

Tuning for better - many changes

With the success of adding nitrous to our Gen1  Busa dragbike, this fall we will turn our focus to this Gen2 Busa and determine what do we want to do with this Street and Strip daily rider. 

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