Motorcycle Quick Shifter


Dynojet’s motorcycle quick shifter is the perfect upgrade to take both your comfort and performance to the next level. This device eliminates the need to pull the clutch when shifting and replaces it with either a footswitch or a simple button on your handlebars. This not only makes it easier to ride for longer distances, but it also decreases your shift time, giving you a speed boost over the competition.

The Dynojet Quick Shifter (DQS) allows full throttle, clutch less shifting. This is done by momentarily cutting the fuel and or ignition, which unloads the transmission. During this time, the rider can shift up to the next gear without rolling off the throttle or using the clutch.

This new stand-alone unit allows any vehicle with up to 4 coils to have quickshifter functionality without the need of a Power Commander. ... For applications that do not have this style of coil, the connectors can be removed and the unit hard wired in. See video slider with videos below.

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