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HardRider Magazine Previous & Up Coming Issues

HardRider Motorcycle went through a substantial change in Spring/Summer 2021 moving to a performance based publication. Our staff felt with these substantial changes that we should exclude older issues of HardRider Magazine and only show our new concept as we move forward so past issues will start with the Summer Issue of 2021. HardRider Motorcycle Magazine is FREE to all readers and completely readable on all devices. HardRider Motorcycle is a quarterly publication and runs advertising on our website and digital magazine at affordable rates. Please see our Media Kit in the above header. Over 187,000 readers.


Drag Bike


Started Summer 2021 HardRider Motorcycle will be racing their new nitrous powered drag bike at the tracks to see how far we can go with nitrous in our stock but boosted Suzuki Hayabusa. Next year we expect to add either a Supercharger or a Turbo to move into the next class of drag racing. Click bike for schedule.

HardRider Motorcycle Magazine Upcoming Fall 2021 Issue

Fall Issue 2021

Harley +

HardRider Magazine International 

Coming This Fall 2021

Harley Davidson mean street, mean machines...

For all the people that think Harley's are ONLY casual cruisers, tune into this issue, because you will be surprised to see quarter mile draggers doing high 7 seconds....thats right under 8 seconds. Many performance legendary sport brikes don't do that with 4 cylinders, Harley is a twin. Next Issue. No subscription req'd.

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Summer Issue 2021 HardRider Motorcycle Magazine

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