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HardRider Motorcycle sells and ships "specialized" performance parts and products worldwide. Some of the main products you will see are on this page, but we also sell modification components for these products, like Swingarms, Camshafts, Clutches, Rotors, Quick Shifters, Exhausts, Superchargers, Pistons and Rearsets. If you are in the GTA area, we also provide full installations of these specialized products and kits for your convenience. ECU Flash and Dynotune can be accommodated.

Performance items are generally available ready for shipping for the more common products, however, some specialty products for less common motorcycles may have to be ordered. Regardless, we will advise on status, price and shipping fees in a single invoice that you can pay online. If you want the product, once ordered, we will move quickly same day and make arrangements to get the product to you asap.

Performance products do not operate through our shopping cart gateway, rather they are all custom order and invoiced at time of placement.

Please be specific on exactly what you want and include details, so we don't waste our time and yours. If you would like to talk to us regarding questions or specifics, we can call you back at the number you provide in the completed form on the right.

There are some non performance products on our site that you will marked "Add to Cart", and these items work through our online store gateway.

Shipping: We use UPS shipping. All products are photographed and triple checked prior to shipping. We do this so there is absolutely no confusion at either end. We also do this because some products as in kits have multi-component products so every packer must photograph and/or video products going into each package.

Further all packages are insured.

Return Policy: For non performance products, we accept return with a 15% restocking charge. Once received in new condition and within 15 days of purchase we will provide a refund. Unfortunately with performance products we do not accept returns due to the specialized nature of the products. So it is important that you are certain about your order before completion of order.

Shipping Address: Please enter your complete and exact address for shipping. If any details are required put this info into the message section. HardRider Motorcycle is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete addresses.

Our installation rate is $85 per hour and requires a non refundable deposit booked by appointment only. Bring your products, buy them from us, we only care that all products are ready to install at appointment time to save you money. Non refundable deposit is $50 but do not pay that until you have a scheduled appointment. Click below to make your payment after you have appointment.

Buyer is protected by PayPal and or credit card. However, we take great steps to make sure you are ordering and receiving the proper product for your motorcycle. It is all carefully documented both ways. Once you are ready to order we will will send a digital PayPal invoice that you can use PayPal dollars or credit card. But it all starts with filling the form to the right first to ensure we have the exact purchase info.

Products pricing may be subject to change without notice. there are many factors that play into the reason for this including product price increases, exchange rate, shipping costs, brokerage fees, duty, taxes etc. 

Bike Details | What You are Looking For:

Section below is custom order performance requests. Every motorcycle is unique. help us target your specific needs. We will get exactly what you need! It may take a number of calls or emails back and forth, but we won't waste your time or ours with slip and miss! SAVE MONEY SAVE TIME! WE PLUG YOU INTO THE BEST DEALS AND THE RIGHT PRODUCT.


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