HardRider Motorcycle Podcast Form

Build Your Brand Sales Across Many Platforms 

Join us for a small 12-15 minute podcast to help promote your products, services (brands) to a potential 250,000 motorcycle viewers. The cost is only 12 minutes of your time but the payback is worthwhile! Your podcast will be promoted to our subscribers and lists of motorcycle shops, dealers, associations and clubs, tracks, drag racing spots etc. Additionally podcasts go out to our social media end users on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok and highly placed in our search engines, back links and directories. This will greatly improve info of your products and services and your website traffic. The podcast will also be available to you to put on your site as well.

How It Works:

1. Its only 12 - 15 minutes (we use Zoom with email invite)
2. You can use your Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad or Desktop computer as long as you have a mic. In some cases (eg iphone/iPad) you may be required to download Zoom software but it only takes a few seconds and it automatically loads and brings you in to the recording session. Very Simple.
3. Fill Out the Form Below to confirm time/date and whether you want to do just audio or whether you are ok with a Video/Audio or Audio only podcast.

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