Digital Technologies for Business

HardRider in conjunction with our partner Mediahead, provides a wide variety of digital technologies for business, including web design, social media presence, SEO, side and back channel link building, video presentations, video marketing, blog, podcasts, AWS Amazon cloud deployment, ecommerce, forms databases etc. Or contact Mediahead directly at mediahead.ca



Visual Award Winning Design & Strategy.
HardRider Motorcycle and Mediahead Inc. have been in the digital tech industry since it first started.  We were one of the first to develop an integrated software for online cataloging, manuals, magazines etc and later became an award winning web designer and backend PHP programmer. Mediahead is an award winning digital technology leader, web designer and software developer.



In the last two decades, widespread use of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay has contributed to substantial growth in online retail. Benefits of e-commerce include its around-the-clock availability, the speed of access, the wide availability of goods and services, easy accessibility and international reach.
Mediahead Inc provides front to back digital technology services at affordable prices.



Key to Your Internet Success
SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” In simple terms, SEO means the process of improving your website to increase its visibility in Google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines whenever people search for products you sell or services you provide. SEO starts with a well designed site, a relationship with Google, submission to directories and proper meta descriptions, keywords and image tags.
Mediahead Inc. can assist you with this at an affordable price and explain every step of the way.


Social Media

Social Media will help push people to your business and website.
If you want people to find your website that is one thing, the next and much more difficult thing is to have people find your brands. Both require SEO site engine optimization as a starter with an efficient site, proper labeling, proper displacement of words and terminologies, meta tags etc. But that is only the start and that will get your domain name found, but the work comes in link building, uploading your site to search engines regularly and having a wide range of active social media, blogs, podcasts and backlink engines so that the web crawlers see your info at many turns.


Video Presentations

Beyond the Written Word is Video | Attention Grabber Number One.
If your business is truely interested in grow strategy, you will find that the most successful business are ones which have videos to show and demonstrate their brand much better than words or pictures ever will. Case in point, it's why many people jump over to YouTube to find out how to operate or how to do anything. Video takes a fraction of the time to learn more about a product, service or how to than manuals sufficed years ago, but are now obsolete. Have an interesting, catchy video made of your product or service, put it on your site and social media channels and grow. Mediahead Inc. is an expert in video photography and editing, including drone footage. We can put video into your website to impress your clients and prospects.


Marketing 101

Without a Strategy Nothing Happens.
Why do big businesses have strong and extensive marketing departments? Right, to grow their business. Small and medium size businesses may not have the resources for a full time marketing department, but they can contract out for specific jobs or part time work. The strategy, get as many people as possible to be aware of your products or service - and get them to buy now. Mediahead Inc. can help with your marketing strategy.


Blogs and Podcasts

The Edge of Tomorrow | A Step Beyond Social Media.
Blogs and podcasts make your presence more credible and a seen leader in your field. It also helps greatly in the back linking to make your domain and brands more visible thru web crawlers and site analytics. Blogs take time and podcasts take a lot more time. Mediahead Inc. can help push your information in either of these two outlets.


AWS Cloud Server

Putting All Your Stuff Where its Safe | Fortress of Solitude.
As many businesses are cutting overhead and having their staff work from home or in the field, offices are like a boat anchor for many businesses. So cutting that expensive cord is keeping businesses alive. But what of all the computer departments, sales areas, accounting, production, shipping etc. Well, its being moved to the cloud. For security, all software is loaded into the cloud so there is no need to keep information on local computers. And its not expensive. Mediahead Inc. can do a turnkey operation of this for you.


Forms and databases

Capture Your Prospects with Forms & Use Databases for Addon Services. Businesses need  a solid source of customer list information and/or prospects. Keeping data is more than just customers name and information, it's what they are buying and selling, and maybe about who they are. Here is an example of not having the right info. Ad sales person goes into electronic store and stands around waiting for the buyer to sell an ad. But the sales person is not looking at the products and has no idea what the stores top 3 brands are. Thats a fail. Because the ad sales person is there just to sell an ad and has no interest in the store owners products. Forms, databases and integrated CRM help retrieve and maintain client info for effective selling. Mediahead Inc can assist in a new restart of your data.

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