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Flat Trackers & Motorcross

Yes We Want You

Yep thats right we want to report on whats happening in the flat track and motorcross industry. Yes we are moving to performance, so yes we want to talk bike talk, engine talk, tires and more....of coourse riders and tracks.

But we need to hear from associations, tracks, riders, groups and sponsors etc so we can help you promote and bring tech details to readers to provide the details of who is doing what to what and where.  If that makes sense.



And Drag Racing

Oh Yea...

We are waiting for the tracks to open, because no matter how you slice and dice racing, drag racers put everything and even the kitchen sink into their engines and rides to get the numbers to be the leader in technology and riding ability.

Riders everywhere including street and enthusiast love to get the details of what top track stars are doing and using to get the performance needed to be at the top of their game.


Final Design

HardRider Dragbike

Track Ready...

After much testing, tuning controller, beefing up the system and substantially upgrading jet size our Gen1 Dragbike is performing better than expected... TUNED to the 10s but running in the 8's. 



Ready for 2022

Many, many changes for Blue Busa

With the success of adding nitrous to our Gen1  Busa dragbike, over the winter we have made many modifications (not shown here yet), but we will be reviewing all with pics and videos soon for our first outing. And yes we have put nitrous on for this year and may look at a full rebuild for 2023 with added turbo or supercharger along with the nitrous...putting this into and beyond the normal range of street/drag racing. 

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